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Pricing Master Record in SAP S/4Hana


To understand pricing in SAP s/4Hana we need to understand what is pricing. In most cases price is a master record for example fix price of a product is master record. How and when pricing is not a master record? If we take a example of weekly discount it is not a fix amount or manual discount. SO what we can understand is that either price is a condition record or it is a manual over ride.


Price Condition Record
Manual Price override

Master Data:

Before we understand what is master record we need to understand what is master data. Master data is a set of information that remain same for the most part like your name is a master data. When master data is created? We create master data when we require to store information related to product or object.

Pricing Master Record

Pricing master data created for price, discount, surcharge, tax etc. of a product or service. Do price have many different elements? Yes that is correct that price may have many different elements effecting total price.

SAP Pricing Master Data:

In SAP S/4Hana Pricing is very similar to SAP ECC. In SAP S/4Hana prices are saved with condition record which is a pricing master data. Mostly prices are saved with start and end data for example price of product is one hundred dollars starting from 01/01/2019 to 01/01/2020. In order to create pricing record in SAP S/4Hanah use transaction code “VK11”. In SAP S/4Hana change pricing use transaction code VK12. To display Pricing use transaction code VK13.

Video of SAP S/4Hana Pricing in Sales Order

SAP S/4Hana Manual Condition Type:

In SAP S/4Hana manual condition is same as SAP ECC manual pricing condition. Manual condition used when price is updated manual for example if customer complaint they received item late or damaged then manual discount applied to reduce the amount.