SAP S/4 HANA Accelerators

Would you like to learn about how to improve productivity?

What are these issues users face in business?

In most of SAP project there is need for improvement, custom solution, custom functionality. We have many of those requirements ready to be deployed with minimum development if required.

Reports issues:

Report issue very common issue face by business, users lack many reports for sales, customers, GL, Billing and delivery reports.

  • Sales Order Report
  • Contract report
  • Billing Plan Report
  • Delivery Report
  • Billing Report
  • Customer master report
  • Business Partner Report

End-user Training :

Many issues rise from lack of training, OCM, poor system function, too many steps, too many screen and poor training.

How we solve these issues, well we have many accelerators which are based on pain point and missing functionality from the system.

Complex Screens:

User face many complex screen where hundreds of fields displayed, simplification is very much needed for many transactions, and we have many of solution for those complex transactions and process.

These Tools are Exclusive Solution unique to Awais Tech services where you can find out how to solve many common problems.

Simple Master Data entry:

In many cases we have transactions with many many screens. We have SAP tool that will help customer utilize to implement those tools.