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SAP S/4HANA Business Partner: Customer: Beginners and Business End User Learning for Practical Usage

Why this Book?

In an SAP project implementation due to completing tasks there are many different deliverable for a project team to deliver and training is one of a deliverable with training document. In most project based on time, resource and scope limitation not all deliverable are up to mark specially training and training document are most critical part of a project if training document is well defined it can reduce amount a business user issues and improve productivity.

How to help End Users?

Lesson learned as a result of observing and working in SAP projects to solve and understand key pain points of projects, business and end-users. From many years of experience, I have learned that users succeed on particular way to learn and excel in SAP. for example I have learned what are the common pain point are often too similar from industry to industry and project to project. To make project successful companies spend millions. Proper end user training is one of key to investment toward increase of productivity and happiness index in users. In SAP application, end users have lots of screens, tabs and fields to learn from. SAP has number of options available in master and transaction data.

Not all companies use every tabs, screens and fields for master data. By understanding basics, screenshot with instructions, and tips and tricks user can improve productivity. This book will help businesses to use it as basic training document and then only create remaining customization as required. It is foundation book business user to gain knowledge in SAP Business Partner transaction. Great concentration of this book is only on SAP learning for End user, this book will not be effective as English literature or English grammar book. how we implement successful training for end users? In my extensive experience I came across many projects and learn firsthand that project fail due to many reasons.

Companies spent millions on project implementation but focuses little on real issues like end user training. This book covers essential foundation therefor user gain knowledge about SAP S/4HANA customer business partner from beginning. Ultimately all of the SAP GUI training, tips and tricks from this book comes down to one thing: How to be proficient in SAP S/4 HANA business partner Customer master. Picture speaks thousand words, book features with SAP screenshots and mind maps throughout the book to make learning simple, fast and easy. Who is this book for? Who can use this Book?•End Users •Consultants •Business Analysts•Managers•Anyone who want to Learn SAP Customer Master•SAP ABAPER (Programmer).