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Pricing Master Record in SAP S/4Hana


To understand pricing in SAP s/4Hana we need to understand what is pricing. In most cases price is a master record for example fix price of a product is master record. How and when pricing is not a master record? If we take a example of weekly discount it is not a fix amount or manual discount. SO what we can understand is that either price is a condition record or it is a manual over ride.


Price Condition Record
Manual Price override

Master Data:

Before we understand what is master record we need to understand what is master data. Master data is a set of information that remain same for the most part like your name is a master data. When master data is created? We create master data when we require to store information related to product or object.

Pricing Master Record

Pricing master data created for price, discount, surcharge, tax etc. of a product or service. Do price have many different elements? Yes that is correct that price may have many different elements effecting total price.

SAP Pricing Master Data:

In SAP S/4Hana Pricing is very similar to SAP ECC. In SAP S/4Hana prices are saved with condition record which is a pricing master data. Mostly prices are saved with start and end data for example price of product is one hundred dollars starting from 01/01/2019 to 01/01/2020. In order to create pricing record in SAP S/4Hanah use transaction code “VK11”. In SAP S/4Hana change pricing use transaction code VK12. To display Pricing use transaction code VK13.

Video of SAP S/4Hana Pricing in Sales Order

SAP S/4Hana Manual Condition Type:

In SAP S/4Hana manual condition is same as SAP ECC manual pricing condition. Manual condition used when price is updated manual for example if customer complaint they received item late or damaged then manual discount applied to reduce the amount.

SAP END User GUI Beginners FREE Video Tutorials

SAP GUI End Users Free Tutorials

SAP Free training of SAP GUI will help anyone who is new or experienced user to understand how to. Working with same color scheme might get boring. SAP GUI users can change GUI color. SAP GUI has existing themes and color to chose from. Please find step by step video how to change SAP GUI theme.

How to Change SAP GUI Theme and Color

SAP S/4 HANA GUI How to Create Favorites? SAP Beginners tutorials

If you are using same transaction code frequently then this video is for you to customize SAP GUI software. With favorites you can make a list of favorite and just double click on it instead of typing the t-code in t-code bar. SAP GUI video tutorial will help end user to learn how to maintain favorites in SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA.

Additional Resource for SAP End Users:

Quick SAP Basic Introduction End User Guide: Learn SAP GUI Navigation, Reports, Tips and Tricks with Basic SAP Skills

Ultimately all of the SAP GUI training, tips and tricks from this book comes down to one thing: How to be proficient in SAP GUI navigational skills. How to utilize high performances to work on SAP efficiently.

•Improve SAP Navigation Skills

Every few years SAP comes out with new enhancement pack or new GUI upgrades. Regardless of training newer version comes out with new features, so it is important to keep improving newer versions navigational skills. SAP navigational skill very essential for new users.

•Automate SAP Default Entries

Amount of time will be saved if we automate entries for end users. Bare minimum if we consider saving one minute a day, its ads up to six hours in a year multiply this by thousands for big companies will benefits huge amount time and increased productivity. Learn how to setup SAP parameters for user. Frequently used parameters are include in the book.

•SAP GUI Color Customization

From SAP 7.0 to SAP GUI 7.2 and onward user can change their colors and themes. GUI themes can be customized. Learn step by step guide how to modify SAP GUI colors for different SAP systems.

•Customize User Defaults for Date and Number

Around the world in many counties use different date formats. Learn how to customize numbers and date in SAP.

•Learn SAP ALV Report Tricks

Customizable reports are available in SAP. Learn report utilities including: filter, sum, download etc.

•Find All Available Standard Report
How would you like to find all possible reports offered by SAP with single transection code.

•Learn SAP Error and Massages
Often users get confused by SAP massages. Learn about SAP massages explanation and visual Icons. Learn about visual errors icon and their meaning.

SAP End User Training

Improve Confidence and Productivity by selecting best trainers for you corporation. Users need real training where they learn about error too and how to handle them.

SAP End User Training is essential for any enterprise, company, corporation to success.

Improve Confidence and Productivity

Our goal is to provide training for happy business and that improve productivity. Training only can be achieved with best of ethics and best of intentions.

Happy Business Happy Life

Happy business is possible and to achieve that we provide our services for culture of friendliness and rewards.

Step by Step Training Document

We provide step by step document for business users and always improve training documents for better utilization.

Reduce system issues by User Education

User education is directly related to number of system issues. If you see lot of system issue we can say for most part issues are related to users education almost 50% or more. Companies get new employees and they might not had same level of in-person training as last people had training. It become more important for any corporation to invest on user training.

Template Ready Training Document

We are expert in publishing SAP end user best seller books.

Experienced, Certified subject matter Trainer
Syed Awais Rizvi in SAP Sales and Distribution Consultant currently in automotive industry. He has represented a strong Project Lead, and covered numerous SAP project life cycles. He is experienced in SAP SD, MM, Logistics, VC, VMS, FICO, CS, PS, Project Management, testing, Gap-analysis, and Implementation. He has worked on upgrade projects, Maintenance projects, template roll-outs and Production Support projects. He has diverse experience in Global implementation of Europe, AIPAC, Middle East and North America from project concept to go-live. He has experience working with Fortune 500 companies. He is SAP Sales and distributions and SAP Project Management certified.

Learn how to change SAP GUI Theme

Learn how to change SAP GUI Theme


Would you as a user like to change SAP GUI look and feel? Please find above video where you can learn how to change SAP GUI theme. If you have more then on system then you might need to change SAP GUI color as per different system. For example if you have system 1 and system 2. Imagine you logged in both system and unable remember which screen is what system, then this function of changeling theme and color would come handy.

If you like this video please check the youtube channel




Would you like to save time and effort of SAP reports? 

Would you like to save time and effort of SAP reports?

We offer Most requested SAP reports.

Reports are essential for user to utilize for task to review and processed with next steps. Many reports comes with standard reports but many reports are required from business users. In most projects number of custom report requested by business.  Awais Tech Services decided to develop those reports to save time and efforts for company to utilize our report tool for efficiency and improved productivity. SAP reports

There are many modules that we offer reports for including

  • SD   Sales and distributions
  • MM Material management
  • FICO Finance and controlling
  • WM Whorehouse management
  • PP  Production planing
  • QM  Quality management

Incidents, bug, change request, enhancement, development and tickets take few days to weeks to gather requirement, formalize documents, communicate, develop and test the result then for for user acceptance testing. organization to organization and depend on resources all of those changes might cost more and also effect productivity and efficiency.

Our report are ready for implementation with fast deployment option. How those reports are developed? We have out tools are range from reports, transaction simplifications, mass change transaction.

Limited time offer, we are free trial offer for one of our reports to deploy, test and review the results.

Why Projects fail?

Why Projects fail?

  • Objectively Failures
  • Sales process supposed to delivered in a month but it delayed to be delivered in two month.
  • Subjective Failures
  • Sales process supposed to delivered in a month with pricing and additional functionality but it delivered in time, but lacking most of additional requirements.
  • In above both examples project considered failure because it cost more and not delivered as planned

Few of Project Failure Reasons and Solutions

  • Why this project is created and end goal is not shared enough
  • Lack of organization in a project
  • Business is unaware of project implementation
  • Issues and risks are not open to project team
  • How to organize and clearly communicate project plan
  • Business readiness ahead of project implementation

SAP Customer Master End user Guide 1st Free Chapter eBook

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Book Title :  SAP Customer Master Ultimate Guide

 Subtitle:  Essential End User Guide; Customer Mater, Credit Management and Customer Hierarchy

  • Why this Book?

Every year thousands of SAP projects implemented around the world. Millions of dollars are spent on SAP implementation hoping for better performance and productivity. Better productivity only improves when users learn SAP with proficiency. In many projects training not considers critically. Training significantly help project to become productive and successful. SAP R/3 comes with many options and flexibilities. Despite modern training end users struggle with essentials. Getting training on GUI and customer master essentials in detail might not be the highest priority in most of the projects. This book coves some SAP GUI introduction and heavily focused on standard SAP customer master. Many companies customize and configure many different probabilities, so in this book reader will find SAP standard functionality. The main goal of this book is to deliver simple and easy learning from customer master standard functionality. If you want to start learning SAP hands on, then skip the first chapter “Introduction to SAP” and start from the chapter two “SAP Navigation.” First chapter about information technology and SAP foundation learning.
Ultimately all of the SAP GUI training, tips and tricks from this book comes down to one thing: How to be proficient in SAP Customer master. Learn to utilize high performances to work on SAP efficiently.

The picture speaks thousands of words, book features with SAP screenshots and mind maps throughout the book to make learning simple and easy.

  • Chapter 1 Introduction to SAP


Learn what is SAP. Learn simple business and SAP relevant terms. Learn about SAP ERP modules, technology and building blocks. Also, this chapter includes some business terms relevant for learning about customer master. Many topics covered with illustrations and mind maps.

  • Chapter 2 SAP Navigation

In this chapter learn about SAP ERP GUI basics. This chapter cover brief information about SAP GUI and basics how to use some basics features.

  • Chapter 3 Customer Master

Learn customer master general and detail overview. Learn about customer master view. This chapter cover information about most used fields in customer master. Learn how to create, change and view customer. This chapter also covers mass update transaction for customer master.

  • Chapter 4 Customer Credit Master


Credit master used for defining customer credit limit. Learn how to setup credit master. Learn about credit control area and how it reflect in customer master.

  • Chapter 5 Customer Hierarchy

In this learn about customer hierarchy, how to view and create customer hierarchy.

Who is this book for? Who can use this Book?

  • End Users
  • Consultants
  • Business Analysts
  • Managers
  • Anyone who want to Learn SAP Customer Master
  • SAP ABAPER (Programmer).

Please do leave a review and feedback on
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Project HealthCheck

Project health is measured by performance of a project. how to measures performance of a project? Stakeholder review a report of a project which reflect deliverable and completed tasks. these report are completed by teams and their managers they all of those reports are updated by project manager. Stakeholder review these reports for weekly or monthly status reports. stakeholder have some major concerns:

  • Is your ERP project is on track?
  • Is project progress is fine?
  • Is project is on budget?

Is your ERP project is on track?

To find progress early in the project you need to understand proper tasks in the project. Many project start of fine but in the end when system testing start more and more issue come out regarding system functionality. In many cases more issues start to come out after the project go live.

Only experienced manager and consultant can help in these situations to fix the issues. In many cases fixing system issue means putting a patch to do a quick fix and that might not be the best solution. What Awais Tech Services provide is solution which is result driven.

Is project progress is fine?

Many weekly and monthly reports might look good for major time of the project and in the end lots of issues pop at once. You should check status report if it is white wash to display a report and in actual it is something else.

Is project is on budget?

Project budget should be monitored from beginning of the project. What is project budget? Budget is monitory values which is allocated for the project. W e can also use some of existing resources extra time to save some budget. In many project companies spent  more money for external company to come in and change thousand time more when some of the work can be done internally.

awais Tech Services


خدمات فحص صحة المشروع khadamat fahs sihat almashrue

نحن نقدم نظام SAP لخدمات تنفيذ SAP عبر خطوط عمل متعددة ، ونقدم مجموعة شاملة من الحلول عبر مجالات التكنولوجيا التقليدية والناشئة مثل SAP S / 4HANA ، والتحليلات ، والتنقل ، والسحابة.
nahn nuqadim nizam SAP likhadamat tanfidh SAP eabr khutut eamal mutaeadidat , wanuqadim majmueatan shamilatan min alhulul eabr majalat altiknulujia altaqlidiat walnnashiat mithl SAP S / 4HANA , waltahlilat , waltanaqul , walsahabat.

كيف يتم تنفيذ المشروع بالنسبة لك؟
نحن نقدم الفحوصات الطبية للمشروعات الدورية حيث نقوم بمراجعة تقدم المشروع ومراجعة أفضل الممارسات للتحسين. 50٪ أو أكثر من المشروع على مدار الجدول الزمني ، أو تجاوز الميزانية ، أو اختصارًا للميزات والوظائف الموعودة ، أو لكل مجموعة ستانديش ، “الطعن”. (Standish Group، 2005). إذن كيف سنتمكن من إنقاذ المشروع ما لم يقوم شخص ما بمراجعة فحص صحة المشروع وإعادته إلى المسار الصحيح. نحن نقدم فحص صحة المشروع مع العناية الواجبة لتقديم التقرير والمشورة للمشاريع بشأن تقدم المشروع إلى الأعمال التجارية ، وحامل الأسهم وفرق تكنولوجيا المعلومات.
kayf ytmu tanfidh almashrue balnsbt lk?
nahn nuqadim alfuhusat altibiyat lilmashrueat aldawriat hayth naqum bimurajaeat taqadam almashrue wamurajaeat ‘afdal almumarasat liltahsini. 50% ‘aw ‘akthar min almashrue ealaa madar aljadwal alzamanii , ‘aw tajawuz almizaniat , ‘aw akhtsarana lilmizat walwazayif almaweudat , ‘aw likul majmueat standysh , “alten”. (Standish Group، 2005). ‘iidhan kayf sanatamakan min ‘iinqadh almashrue ma lam yaqum shakhs ma bimurajaeat fahs sihat almashrue wa’iieadatih ‘iilaa almasar alsahihi. nahn nuqadim fahs sihat almashrue mae aleanayat alwajibat litaqdim altaqrir walmushawarat lilmasharie bishan taqadam almashrue ‘iilaa al’aemal altijariat , wahamil al’ashum wafiraq tiknulujia almaelumati.

ERP End User and Productivity

ERP End User and Productivity:

Many projects spent millions on implementation but fails to provide good end user training. Research shows projects where end user training has priority have better outcome for the project and improved productivity. In many methodologies training is in the end of the project which makes it less important.

Why End User training comes to late in the project?

In many projects end solution is not ready so excuse is how end user can use system if we do not have system ready. I disagree in many cases we can have standard transections can be shown to users as soon as they are available and let end user interact with system. More end user uses the system more they become conformable and able to provide early feedback.

End user Negative feedback:

When end user first time uses a new system, they give feedback. First feedback is based on current system, where they highlight features and when and where new system lack some requirements, which might make it sound negative. In my opinion there is no feedback is negative unless we find out if it is based on fear of not knowing new system or is it a real feature that lack in new system.

Negative feedback turning into Positive feedback:

Every feedback matters so it is critical to listen to end users and change accordingly. There are some feedback which really do make a difference so it is important to categories the feedback and following them with ROI.  

Research source