Project HealthCheck

Project health is measured by performance of a project. how to measures performance of a project? Stakeholder review a report of a project which reflect deliverable and completed tasks. these report are completed by teams and their managers they all of those reports are updated by project manager. Stakeholder review these reports for weekly or monthly status reports. stakeholder have some major concerns:

  • Is your ERP project is on track?
  • Is project progress is fine?
  • Is project is on budget?

Is your ERP project is on track?

To find progress early in the project you need to understand proper tasks in the project. Many project start of fine but in the end when system testing start more and more issue come out regarding system functionality. In many cases more issues start to come out after the project go live.

Only experienced manager and consultant can help in these situations to fix the issues. In many cases fixing system issue means putting a patch to do a quick fix and that might not be the best solution. What Awais Tech Services provide is solution which is result driven.

Is project progress is fine?

Many weekly and monthly reports might look good for major time of the project and in the end lots of issues pop at once. You should check status report if it is white wash to display a report and in actual it is something else.

Is project is on budget?

Project budget should be monitored from beginning of the project. What is project budget? Budget is monitory values which is allocated for the project. W e can also use some of existing resources extra time to save some budget. In many project companies spent  more money for external company to come in and change thousand time more when some of the work can be done internally.

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