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Quick SAP Basic Introduction End User Guide: Learn SAP GUI Navigation, Reports, Tips and Tricks with Basic SAP Skills

Why this Book?

Every year thousands of SAP projects implemented around the world. Millions of dollars are spend on SAP implementation hoping to get best out of these implementations. In any project training is one of the critical phase, and it can significantly help project to become successful. Despite the modern way of training still end users struggle to learn SAP GUI essentials. Getting training on GUI essentials might not be the highest priority in most of the projects. Technical subjects tend to be boring and filled with filers. The main goal of this book is to deliver simple and easy learning without any filers. If you want to start learning SAP then skip the first chapter and start from chapter two. First chapter is on information technology foundation.

Ultimately all of the SAP GUI training, tips and tricks from this book comes down to one thing: How to be proficient in SAP GUI navigational skills. How to utilize high performances to work on SAP efficiently.

•Improve SAP Navigation Skills

Every few years SAP comes out with new enhancement pack or new GUI upgrades. Regardless of training newer version comes out with new features, so it is important to keep improving newer versions navigational skills. SAP navigational skill very essential for new users.

•Automate SAP Default Entries

Amount of time will be saved if we automate entries for end users. Bare minimum if we consider saving one minute a day, its ads up to six hours in a year multiply this by thousands for big companies will benefits huge amount time and increased productivity. Learn how to setup SAP parameters for user. Frequently used parameters are include in the book.

•SAP GUI Color Customization

From SAP 7.0 to SAP GUI 7.2 and onward user can change their colors and themes. GUI themes can be customized. Learn step by step guide how to modify SAP GUI colors for different SAP systems.

•Customize User Defaults for Date and Number

Around the world in many counties use different date formats. Learn how to customize numbers and date in SAP.

•Learn SAP ALV Report Tricks

Customizable reports are available in SAP. Learn report utilities including: filter, sum, download etc.

•Find All Available Standard Report
How would you like to find all possible reports offered by SAP with single transection code.

•Learn SAP Error and Massages
Often users get confused by SAP massages. Learn about SAP massages explanation and visual Icons. Learn about visual errors icon and their meaning.

Who is this book for?
•End User
•Business Analysts
•SAP ABAPERs (Programmer).

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