ERP End User and Productivity

ERP End User and Productivity:

Many projects spent millions on implementation but fails to provide good end user training. Research shows projects where end user training has priority have better outcome for the project and improved productivity. In many methodologies training is in the end of the project which makes it less important.

Why End User training comes to late in the project?

In many projects end solution is not ready so excuse is how end user can use system if we do not have system ready. I disagree in many cases we can have standard transections can be shown to users as soon as they are available and let end user interact with system. More end user uses the system more they become conformable and able to provide early feedback.

End user Negative feedback:

When end user first time uses a new system, they give feedback. First feedback is based on current system, where they highlight features and when and where new system lack some requirements, which might make it sound negative. In my opinion there is no feedback is negative unless we find out if it is based on fear of not knowing new system or is it a real feature that lack in new system.

Negative feedback turning into Positive feedback:

Every feedback matters so it is critical to listen to end users and change accordingly. There are some feedback which really do make a difference so it is important to categories the feedback and following them with ROI.  

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