Building Information technology Value, Sustainability and Profitability through project services and implementation, upgrade, roll out and support improvements.

Our Services:

  • Project Management
  • ERP Consulting
  • Technical Writing
  • Project Healthcheck
  • Project Improvement consulting

Project Management Services:

Out project management consultants provide stakeholders results with leadership and process improvement to deliver project on budget, project scope management and  project resources.

ERP Consulting:

  ERP consultants provide skilled level software implementation with expert level consultation. Our services based on result driven strategy for best solutions for client need fro ERP consulting services.

Technical Writing

 Technical writing consultation services for technical documentation, project documentation services, project deliverable services, training guide, and network infrastructure technical writing services.

Health check for  Project

How is project going for you?

 We Provide periodic project Healthchecks where we review project progress and review best practices for improvement. 50% or more project over schedule, over budget, or short on promised features and functions, or per The Standish Group, “challenged.” (Standish Group, 2005). So how would we able to save the project unless someone review project Healthcheck and bring it on track. We provide project healthcheck with due diligence to provide report and project advise on progress of project to business, stake holder and IT teams.

ERP Project health check represent project status report for stakeholder and project owners to review project health. In Project health check consultation value include project risk mitigation consultation and project issue management services.

Project Improvement Consulting

Project Improvement consultation value include pre-define project implementation template from lesson learned. Study shows more then 50% project fail in software implementation and project improvement is critical component to consider for project to secure outcome of a project.


100% of process improvement plan by Project streamline analysis across project implementation.


Project costs by 25% by implementing optimization, review and prepare business.

A history of driving project implementation Improvement, Project health check.

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