Why Project fails?

Why Project fails?


It is million dollar question ! The real question is, why project don’t fails? The answer is subjective based on resource and time. For example if project delayed 6 months, but in the end the project has accomplished the task, it would be successful in end target but not success full on time and resource. Is it really successful when project have over run and prolonged? Even if project delivered on time but did not delivered on target and has missing or faulty functionality that also considered frailer too.

Vision Statement of the Project?

Often the reason of the project or vision statement get lost in the process of project implementation. Additional or out of scope tasks become part of the project. Project managers should keep project in line with vision statement and should be echo into project implementation process so everyone stay focused to the end result.


Often talent on the project do not match the skills required. Often lack of best practices and understanding of implementation methodology can put project into risk. If person is selected for the job and lack the skills can do more Dangme then good. Example of electrician become carpenter can he/she do the job well?

Roles and Responsibility:

This is very important task in the project. Roles and responsibility have to be clear and role need to be assigned to appropriately. Responsibility need to be define with appropriate role. In often cases project role and responsibility is not clearly, it is like that if electrician also working on plumbing. Team should be formed based on skill level.

Cost of failure:

Did your organization solely relay on this project? What project fail can organization sustain the burden and move forward? These question are important because in today’s market the success of IT projects are very limited.