SAP HANA and Open Source

SAP HANA is SAP own database, which replaces old licensed databases, for example replacing oracle database. SAP HANA is not only a database it is more than a data base. With SAP HANA SAP introduced data reduction by making less tables in data and making all of the server processing in-memory. With SAP HANA there […]

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5% Percent Discount Code NCM7ZTEX

5% Percent Discount Code NCM7ZTEX Quick SAP Basic Introduction End User Guide: Learn SAP GUI Navigation, Reports, Tips and Tricks with Basic SAP Skills https://www.createspace.com/6857623/ NCM7ZTEX 5% Percent Discount Code (only for createspace.com)

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SAP Implementation Services

ERP implementation represent huge challenges, we offer our years of expertise and experience toward SAP implementation services. Save on huge amount of time and money with our implementation services. ITSAS focused on providing innovative and successful business solutions with logistics, accounting and human resource. ITSAS LLC competency lies in areas like implementations, business process re engineering, upgrade, […]

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SAP Sales and Distributions Kindle Book Promotions

Anaheim, California, June 4, 2015: Book Title: SAP Sales and Distributions quick configuration Guide press release by “Syed Awais Rizvi” SAP SD is one of the complex subject to understand, Information technology book tend to be complex and confusing, I wrote this book to make subject bit easy to understand for new comers in SAP […]

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SAP Evolution

  SAP Company started from ready-made software with gazillions of options available for customer to utilize. It was developed because programmers do not wanted to keep making new program over and over again; SAP software was developed for the benefit to keep selling it over and over and made easy for company to adopt best […]

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Projects Phases

How many phases are exist in any project? We just learn little bit about Methodology in last post, please check methodology post to study if you are not familiar with what is methodology. What is Project phase? Phase would mean limited or define period of time. Project has methodology and according to methodology project is […]

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