6 Project Vision Statement

Vision Statement Documentation   Vision of project define the organization goal for improvement. Vision could be by product of one of the following: System Limitation Upgrade Improvement   Vision based on Current issues: When system has many issues with current system. System issue can result into maintenance cost. If System issues impact the business transactions, […]

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Why Project fails?

Why Project fails?   It is million dollar question ! The real question is, why project don’t fails? The answer is subjective based on resource and time. For example if project delayed 6 months, but in the end the project has accomplished the task, it would be successful in end target but not success full […]

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Project Prepration

How to get business prepare for the project? since most of the project are unique in nature, they require very good preparation. Unfortunately that is one the reason for projects run over budge  and fails. The project manager from business side need to be very effective and have a vision to make project successful. The […]

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What is the Role and responsibility in project?

In any project roles are defined by project manager and approved by stake holders. Role clarify and designate individual where and what stream they are belong to. In projects there are different teams are involved so it is very important to define proper role so project could efficiently move forward. Role and Responsibility Responsibilities are […]

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