Quick SAP Basic Introduction End User Guide

Learn SAP Basics and Improve Productivity

From this book user can gain an edge of improved transactions in SAP. All of little task where we can manager something faster and automation will improve productivity. From book use automatic parameters for transaction to auto populate entries.

· Improve SAP Navigation Skills

SAP navigating skill represent very important for new and current users to learn. Shortcuts with the knowledge of shortcuts and customization users utilize system mush faster.

· Favorites transaction code List

Favorite transaction code list make easy buttons for users to click on transaction and also no longer require users to remember transaction codes.

· Automate SAP Default Entries

With parameters entry can be entered automatically. If user use specific one order type or sales organization frequently then the values will be automatically entered.

· SAP GUI Color Customization

GUI color can be customized. Learn step by step guide how to modify SAP GUI color.

· Customize User Defaults for Date and Number

Learn how to customize numbers and date in SAP.

· Learn SAP ALV Report Tricks

SAP ALV report render control of adjusting columns, display, filter and save adjusted custom layout of the report.

· Find All Available Standard Report

Find all possible reports from SAP.

· Learn SAP Error and Massages

Learn about SAP massages and their meaning to interpret error. Learn visual errors from SAP.

Why This Book?

End users to improve their SAP GUI and navigation skills. In many projects end users lack knowledge with SAP GUI functions. Users, consultants and beginners also improve their basic skills in SAP GUI. SAP GUI derive with huge amount of functions and book focused on most utilized functions. This Book focused on most utilize and productive functions for end users to improve productivity.

Who is this book for?

· End User

· Consultants

· Business Analysts

· Managers

· Beginners

· SAP ABAPER (Programmer).

Quick SAP Basic Introduction End User Guide for anyone new, experienced or anyone want to improve their basic SAP GUI skills.

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