Project Road for Success

Project Road for success

Project Road for success

Business Preparation Before project: 

The big question is how to prepare business for optimal result. I think consulting companies have very good programs, methodologies, fancy audits etc. Do all of the work goes in project make project successful? In most cases project are not successful. Why most projects are not successful? I think most companies become too big to handle where visibility become only in numbers of the department. In any case productivity increases when environment of company is pleasant. With right set of tool business become ready for new projects.

Understanding Project:

Project hierarchy published and distributed in every project or in most of the projects. It would be common to find the project hierarchy is not the true representation of what goes in the project. How the gaps are filed and how project hierarchy influenced? Over the course of the project reporting is done on progress not on ROI or project compliance. What is project compliance? Well project compliance comes from project methodology. Project methodology is subject to proper use and it became dynamic based on individual understanding and human error. Practically understating project means understanding management and leadership of the project. It is essential to define mile stone for the project and understand end target of the project. When projects spins off to off tract it is important that everyone understand their role and responsibility on every interaction of the project from start till end.

Project Tasks:   

All of the project task should be defined in simple language what is the end result of each step of the way. Project do become complicated when they are defined in non-understandable language. Project always has phases or cycles and each phase there are set of activities and deliverable, all of the activities and end goal should be explained to business before project. Imagine if one worker is in construction Crain operator and he do not understand what my action will mean if he or she make a mistake of braking 20 level building will do. So it is essential for every team member to understand whole project tasks and where they fit in the big picture.

Project Coaching for Success 

I have developed a customize project template to champion successful project implementation. Coaching include business readiness and business preparation for optimum results.
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