New Book: How to Become Effective Business Analyst Practical Beginners Guide

Introduction to the Book

How to Become Effective Business Analyst Practical Beginners Guide is written by Syed Rizvi. This book Includes very simple quick and easy understand guide for business analyst. First chapter includes information technology basics and easy definitions for strong foundation. Throughout book, the reader will find very informative technological related definitions along with short project tips. Book was written to make reader grasp a better understanding on the business analyst subject.

Why This Book?

This book is about learning business analyst subject with ease of leaning with simplicity and quickly. From experience of years in business management, project management, are contributing factor for most optimized skilled leaning for the readers. Although much has been written about business analyst learning, little has been written about the meaningful interconnection between business and information technology teams ensuring that business analyst become effective and successful. This is not just only for professional growth rather it encourages business ethics and productivity in business analyst career. Mind Map simplifies subjects to make the learning process easier.
Who can benefit from this Book?


  • Beginners
  • Business Analysts
  • Consultants
  • End Users
  • Managers


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