How to Advance Software Project Implementation Toward Success

Initial preparation of the project play a critical role for successful implementation. Imagine if we can fix the problem in the beginning, then it will not become bigger problem.

Beginning of the project:

Many Businesses are not aware of Project implementation activities. It is very critical to get everyone to know how project will or might impact them. It is human nature to be scared unknown things. Imagine if foreigner showed up in town where they never seen someone other than their own race, generally people will act uncomfortable and will be hesitant. If the people of the town known about the foreign country natives and feel somehow connected they will not act hesitant. Some people with good ethics will be open for change for betterment.  So let’s imagine about people in a company see foreign software which might take over their comfortable job, this fear or changing habits from old system to new system play a big role. How to prepare people for a change? First of all have them understand new change is for betterment of the company and it also help them too. There are many ways to help business understand benefits of the new software.

Unique Project:

If I say every project is different, but something’s are very similar in every project. Every project has some kind of planning, estimation and preparation to complete the project successfully. If we start with project preparation there could be conflict in different managers then there will be team issues etc. One need to understand how to handle those things which are not part or any methodology. In many project we see there is success even with most difficult situations and some cases we see failure when it was very easy implementation. What motivates project team to be successful? The simple answer is ethics, manners, attitude, love and care.