How can one be sure project management standards are Flawless? 

SAP Project Management:

Based on studies many projects are failing with skilled professionals. Project management industry start with professionals who are experienced and certified but follow direction from higher managers. It is more like taking orders from stakeholders or authority or in other word taking a dictation.  In many companies these managers are promoted from different business departments into information technology so these managers lack knowledge in software development. In practical would it is more about relationship and people management.

Project Resource:    

Project resource represented by budget, project team, and logistics. Budget of the project used toward the project team internal or external team. In most projects external teams represented by system integrators who specialize in implementation. Resource are always planned but do become actual after mile stones are achieved. Estimation is one of critical phase of project management preparation where resources are planned. We can plan resources when we understand complexity of the requirement and accurate estimates from the team. In practical world, estimates are not aligned with feedback and actual requirements. Many projects are subject to increase funding and support due to non-consideration of requirements and feedback.


Most manager influence the project as per their understanding not with actual expertise as required for the role. Most of the managers are non skilled in best practices, standards, architecture design etc. Imagine a project direction from manager without proper knowledge in software development will lead to where?

Imagine if an experienced lawyer become a surgeon and start telling doctors how to treat patients.

4 Tips for Successful Project:  

  1. Projects business team should be educated for better understand the project management.
  2. Always consider feedback for better resource management.
  3. Stakeholder and manager should be trained in information technology.
  4. Project plan should be updated after GAP analysis.