6 Project Vision Statement

Vision Statement Documentation


Business Process Requirement

Business Process Requirement

Vision of project define the organization goal for improvement. Vision could be by product of one of the following:

  • System Limitation
  • Upgrade
  • Improvement


Vision based on Current issues:

When system has many issues with current system. System issue can result into maintenance cost. If System issues impact the business transactions, then for the improvement vision is born for the improvement.

Vision based on Capability:

There is are many area where system has limited functionality. The innovation of information technology could be the kay figure to compete with the competitive industry. Vision could be one of the key to the success for the business.

Vision based on Upgrade:

Upgrade base vision is statement is for the improvement. The upgrade based on the new function must have return on investment document created to has a solid reason for the upgrade. In often case if software vendor has upgrade it do not mean it is required.

Vision based on Business scenario:

To improve business area where is the loss is.

Vision statement visibility:

In often case vision statement is not visible or echoed into project documentation. It is important to reiterate the vision of the project to the tram members. In often case project steer off to non-relevant work which not compliance to the vision of the project. Vision statement should be incorporated into the name of the project.

  • If vision statement is incorporated into the name of the project then it will have an impact on every documentation to repeated vision statement into documents.
  • Every phase kick off of the project should reiterate on project vision statement.
  • Vision statement should be clear and precise